ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

Shandong Famous Brand Enterprise

ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

Shandong Famous Brand Enterprise



Passion achievements dream, the dream to create the miracle!

Unique Advantages

Professional and Technical Advantages

We apply the international advanced Mechatronics technology, servo control technology, bus technology, energy saving technology and international innovative design concept to the design of automatic cadre equipment in corrugated board production line. The products are independently developed and innovated, ranging from machine mainframe to control system, from system hardware to system software, from automation control to intelligent management. After more than ten years of persistent technological innovation and product optimization design, every product of Jiayou Machinery has reasonable mechanical structure, optimized system configuration and perfect mechanical and electrical cooperation. Each product has realized mechanical and electrical integration design, modular design, standardized design, safety design, reliability design, compatibility design, convenient use and maintenance design. The products have perfect functions, advanced performance, high reliability, high efficiency and full automation.

Cost-effective advantage

On the premise of guaranteeing high quality, through the optimization of product design and production organization, product manufacturing cost can be effectively controlled, and the products provided to customers are of high cost performance. Optimizing product design and reducing costs: It is direct and effective to reduce costs through technological innovation and product optimization design. In the design stage, Qingdao pioneered products fully considered the cost control of manufacturing, service, use and maintenance, upgrade and transformation. The main machine of each product has been optimized from structure to transmission, which should be strengthened. The links are strengthened to ensure the stiffness, strength, accuracy, stability and life of the main machine. The simplified links are simplified to save materials, reduce manufacturing costs and maintenance costs. The control system of each product and the mechatronics design of the main machine achieve perfect inertia matching, moment matching, speed matching and precision matching. Optimized control system configuration and optimized electromechanical coordination enable Qingdao pioneered products to achieve more functions, higher performance and higher quality at low cost. Product standardization and batch production reduce costs: standardized products and batch production can improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Each of our products is independently developed from mechanical mainframe to control system. Each product has realized Mechatronics design, modular design and standardized design.

Quality-Service Advantage

Developing and manufacturing high-tech, high-performance and high-quality products is the eternal pursuit of Jiayou Machinery. To ensure the high quality of products, first of all, we must ensure the quality of each part of the products. All the mechanical parts of our products are made up of high-quality raw materials, strict heat treatment, strict surface treatment, precision processing and precision assembly. The control system of our products adopts touch screen and PLC of Siemens Germany, Schneider France, Kinco Germany, Schick Germany and other famous international automation companies. High-performance and high-quality automation products such as frequency converter, servo controller, servo motor, sensor, low-voltage electrical, etc. The pneumatic system of the products adopts high reliable, long-life cylinders, solenoid valves, pressure regulating valves and other pneumatic components of Taiwan Golden Ware Company. The standard parts of the products are NSK precision bearings in Japan, SBC precision linear guide sliders in Korea and SBC precision ball screw mother in Korea. Lead screw, Germany CONTITECH high-strength synchronous belt, Germany HONGSBELT high-strength conveyor belt and other international first-class company products. To ensure the high quality of products, there must be a set of strict quality assurance system. Jiayou Machinery is an ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system certification enterprise. From purchasing, processing, assembly, testing, quality inspection, transportation to site installation and commissioning, a complete, standardized and rigorous quality assurance system has been established to ensure the stability, reliability and safety of products delivered to customers.